A Basic, Step-By-Step Guide For Clearing Land

Clearing a plot of overgrown or abandoned land is a huge undertaking. You'll likely need to hire a few different contractors along the way. Someone will need to cut down the trees. Someone else may need to level or excavate the property for you. There are a lot of details involved with each of those steps. But if you're at the starting point of this project, you don't need to worry about those details just yet. What you'll benefit most from doing is taking a step back and thinking about the big, overall picture. Focus on creating a game plan for clearing the land. Here is a basic step-by-step guide you can follow.

Step 1: Remove structures.

Are there any old, broken-down buildings on the property? The first thing you'll need to do is remove them. Also remove any deteriorated or old fences, chicken coops, or decks. This will clear the way for the large equipment needed to remove trees.

Step 2: Remove large trees.

Usually, you will want to contract with a tree removal company for this part of the land clearing process. One that uses big, picker-style machines will make their way through the job rather quickly.

Step 3: Remove the tree stumps.

Sometimes the same company that removes the trees will be able to remove the stumps, too. Other times, you may need to contact a separate company and have them do this part. Stumps need to be ground down or pulled out before you move on to brush clearing. Otherwise, the brush-clearing machines will get stuck on the stumps.

Step 4: Clear the brush.

Land clearing companies usually use brush hogs to clear the brush. These machines will munch and mulch through almost anything, from tall grass to small bushes. After this step, the land should look much more clear.

Step 5: Excavating and leveling the land.

This does not have to mean excavating to the extent that any hills get taken down or removed, although you can certainly choose to go to that extent. The land will need to be smoothed out enough for you to walk across it without falling into a hole, though. This is often done with big rollers.

The steps above are the basic ones followed by most land clearing companies and property owners. Follow them, and you will be left with a clear lot of usable, healthy land in the end.

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