Trees Close To Your Home? Hire A Company To Remove Them For You

If you have trees that are close to your home, they can be dangerous. This is because these trees could fall if you have a bad storm with high winds. If this happens, they may fall on your roof which can cause a lot of damage. They may also fall and hit someone if they are near the tree. To prevent these things from happening, you should hire a tree removal service. Below is information on how they will remove your trees. 

Remove Branches And Cut the Trunk

Instead of simply cutting down the tree they will first cut sections of the trunk. They will need to remove branches first and will start at the top of the tree. If the tree is large, they will use equipment that can lift the contractor high enough to get to the top. If the tree is large, the canopy — which is the top of the tree — may be thick so it may take time for them to remove all the branches. 

Once all the branches are removed, the contractor will cut the tree into sections at a time. They will start at the top and move their way down. They will likely use a chainsaw to cut the trunk. Many tree removal services use gas chainsaws. If the contractor you hire uses electricity, you will need to provide them with a place to plug in the chainsaw. 

Take Care of the Stump

You will have a lot of stumps left in your yard and these are unsightly. This is especially true if you have a lot of trees removed. Ask the tree removal service if they can remove the stumps for you. To do this they use grinding equipment. They will first use an ax or other equipment to chop away as much trunk as they can. There will be roots and these roots may be large if the trees were old. The contractor will ensure the roots are cut. If they do not, you may have a tree pop up in another area of your yard. 

Once the stumps are ground, you need to make sure you fill in the hole with soil. You do not want someone to trip and fall over this hole as this could cause injuries. Plant grass over the soil so the holes are hidden. When you are finished it will be like a tree was never there. 

You are left with a lot of wood once the trees are cut down. The tree removal service may offer to take this wood from you. If you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace you can keep the wood. You can also have the wood ground to use for mulch.

For help with the trees in your yard, contact a tree removal service in your area such as Atlas Tree Services LLC.

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