Use Rocks To Enhance Your Commercial Landscape

Rocks can be used as a focal point or serve as an elevation aid or colorful material that will enhance a landscape feature. A decorative rock supplier may sell various natural and man-made rock types that can be used to embellish your commercial property.

Draw Attention To Signage Or A Seating Area

A large rock that contains rough edges or a polished surface may draw attention to signage on your land or to an outdoor seating area that you have set up for your patrons. Using a rock to make a statement that will attract the attention of people may only require the addition of one large rock. The rock can be set up on a grassy surface or a paved surface.

If the large rock is going to be used to complement other natural features, you may want to choose a piece of property near the front or side of the building to use for the addition of the rock. Once the rock has been placed where you prefer, consider adding business signage, a display that features your hours of operation, or a series of patron furnishings next to the rock.

Create Borders Or Support Aids

In lieu of installing fencing on your commercial land, use a series of rocks to serve as borders or support aids. A gabion style wall or a standard rock wall can be used to line pathways that are designated for foot traffic. A column of rocks that are arranged along one parcel of land can support a raised flower bed. A rock supplier will list the dimensions, colors, and textures of the rocks that they sell. Review this information and choose the format and rock style that you will add to the landscaping upgrade that you choose.

Prepare A Colorful Fountain

A rock supplier may sell pebbles, polished rocks, and rock chips that will enhance a water fountain. With this type of addition, you have full control over the mix of rock products that will ultimately enhance the commercial property, plus can decide if the colorful rocks will solely be placed within the fountain or will be laid out along the inside of the water feature and the property surrounding it. Use small colored pebbles and chips to add color to the basin of the fountain. Larger more textured rocks can be used to create a barrier that wraps around the water fountain.

For more information on your options, contact a rock supplier.

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