3 Tips To Use Renewable Resources For Landscaping Irrigation And Sprinkler Systems

With summer droughts becoming more frequent and water resources becoming lower, it can be difficult to have green landscaping and give it the irrigation it needs. Using renewable resources and environmentally friendly solutions like rain collection and greywater recycling are great ways to water landscaping. Before you can start using your renewable resources for irrigation, you are going to need to decide on the types of systems and equipment they will need. Here are some tips to help with using renewable resources for your irrigation and sprinkler system needs.

1. Rain Collection Systems With Larger Storage for Irrigation Uses

If you want to collect water to use for irrigation of your landscaping, there are many choices of rain collection systems. Basic designs are simple rain barrels that you connect to the downspouts of gutters to collect rainwater. If you want to have a more reliable rain collection system, then you will want to consider installing larger gutters, and maybe also watershed collection systems to increase the capacity of your water storage. In addition, using larger tanks will give your system more capacity for holding the water that is collected from rain.

2. Greywater Plumbing Installations and Simple Filtration for Irrigation

Greywater is what drains from appliances and other plumbing that is not used for raw sewage. This water can be collected and reused for the irrigation of your landscaping, but it may need to be filtered before it can be used. The filtration system is just to remove heavy particles and contaminants from the water, which can easily be done using a sand filter design like those that are used to filter pool water. Talk with a sprinkler company, like Wagner SOD Company, for help with installation of the plumbing and filtration systems that are needed to recycle your greywater for landscaping irrigation.

3. Pumps, Lines and System Designs to Use Water Storage for Irrigation

With the water collection systems, your water is often stored in tanks where it is waiting to be used. To use the water for irrigation, you are going to need to have pumps installed or a design that is gravity fed to get the water to landscaping to water plants. If you have storage tanks that are located in areas above landscaping grades, drip irrigation is a good solution that will not require any pumps. For sprinkler systems to water things like artificial turf and lawns, you will need to have a pump to provide enough power for sprinkler heads to work. Talk with a professional sprinkler service about choosing a pump that is the right size for your sprinkler system.

These are some tips that will help set up irrigation systems that use renewable resources from rain collection and greywater recycling. If you need help with the installation of equipment and irrigation systems, contact a sprinkler service for help. 

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