Targeted Lawn Maintenance Tactics For Your Property

Monitoring soil conditions and watering deeply are two important lawn maintenance tactics. Prepare a lawn care schedule that will promote healthy blades of grass next spring and summer.

Current Conditions

The summer may be winding down, but this does not mean that you should neglect your lawn for the rest of the season. If you live in a region where chilly weather takes over during the fall and winter, now is a good time to assess the current conditions of your lawn.

Hire a lawn care contractor to inspect the health of your lawn. They will determine the soil quality and the current growing conditions of your grass. They will also help prep your lawn for the cooler months that you will be dealing with shortly.

These steps will give you a better understanding of your property, plus will aid with preserving the soil nutrient content. Your contractor may use mulch or another insulating material to provide vulnerable grass plants with protection throughout the fall and winter.

Aeration And Nutrients

Clay-like soils expand well, which will support the growth of new and existing blades of grass. Aerating your property will prevent clumps of dirt that could impede grass growth. During the spring, use an aeration tool to treat the soil. This step should be conducted across portions of your lawn where grass is not already growing.

Use a soil testing kit to determine if the soil is nutrient-depleted. Use an organic fertilizer to improve the quality of the soil, if needed.

Watering Essentials

Providing grass with an adequate amount of water encourages deep root growth. Proper hydration also wards off brown spots that could ruin the overall beauty of your lawn. Prepare a deep watering schedule.

Deep watering is a process that allows water to soak down into the ground for a while. Deep watering sessions will allow water to reach well below the root system of each grass plant. Once the soil has been saturated, roots are encouraged to grow downward.

Deep watering should be performed during the early morning or evening hours. During either of these times, the sun will not cause water to evaporate quickly. A sprinkler or a water hose can be used to conduct deep watering sessions.

Assess the size of your lawn and the current health of the grass to determine if you should use an automatic sprinkler, a manual sprinkler, or a hose to conduct each watering session.

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