4 Projects That Likely Require Landscaping Contractors

Hiring a team of landscaping contractors is a good way to tackle a highly demanding project. Not all projects call for landscaping contractors, but it's good to have them when a job requires their help. If you're doing one of these four projects, asking for professional support is a wise move.

Landscaping Fallow or Wild Areas

Many areas of properties aren't landscaped, and some don't really even get mowed. If you're trying to landscape an area that has gone fallow or remained wild, it's a good wide to talk with landscapers about your plans. Professionals can help you to assess which plants to remove or save. They also can simply provide the additional labor it may take to go through a large section of difficult terrain and convert it into something beautiful.

Rebooting a Landscape

There are plenty of reasons to give a landscape a reboot. You might be bored with the yard's look, or many of the older plants may be starting to look rough. Also, you may have recently bought a property from someone who had no interest in landscaping.

Giving a landscape a reboot can be challenging. You will need to clear out the old plants, and it's common to have to amend the soil to allow new ones to grow. Landscaping contractors can also help you select plants based on appearance, regional conditions, and your property's microclimates.

Post-Construction Landscaping

Every landscape needs a good start to thrive, and that's particularly true after the completion of a house. Construction crews aren't known for leaving the most fertile soil behind at locations so the first order of business will be preparing the ground. You will have to decide what kind of grass and plants you want on the property, and it may take a couple of years for everything to fill in. On the upside, you'll be working with a blank slate so this is an opportunity to create the ideal landscape for your location's conditions.

Large Plants

Taking a few flowers from pots to garden beds is one thing, but putting in plants like shrubs, hedges, and trees is a whole other matter. Such projects often require digging and moving equipment. Likewise, the plants usually need special attention to ensure they'll survive the transplantation process. Even digging the holes can get challenging when you start thinking about putting large root balls into the ground. Also, landscapers can help you provide nutrition to the plants so they can put down solid roots and start growing.

Contact a local landscaper to learn more. 

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