Tips For Planting And Caring For Landscape Citrus Trees

If you love citrus fruit and live in a warm climate where it can be grown, then landscaping with citrus trees is a great choice. Citrus trees are easy to care for and look fantastic year-round. They also come in standard- and dwarf-size varieties to accommodate both large and small spaces.

If you have avoided planting citrus trees in your landscaping because you believed them to be hard to care for, then you will be please to learn nothing is further than the truth! In fact, by following each of these tips you can plant citrus trees in your yard and enjoy the fruits of your labor for years to come:

Tip: Plant Citrus Trees in Full Sun and Well-Draining Soil

One of the most important things you can do for landscaping citrus trees is planting them in well-draining soil and in an area that gets full sun during the day. When it comes to citrus trees, neither of these things are optional if you want healthy trees.

If you plant citrus trees in areas with soil that does not drain well, then the roots will sit in water and the tree will be unhealthy or die. Likewise, if you plant in a shady area, the tree won't get adequate sun for optimal health and fruiting.

To ensure your new trees grow well and produce fruit, plant them in sunny, well-draining areas to give them the best chance for long-term success.

Tip: Water and Fertilize Citrus Trees on a Regular Schedule

Once established, citrus trees only require regular watering and yearly fertilizing to thrive and produce amazing fruit.

Start watering your citrus trees in the spring. Only water once each week to allow the soil to thoroughly dry between waterings. In the fall, after the fruit is harvested, stop watering to allow the tree to go into its dormant stage.

Each spring, apply a citrus tree fertilizer to the base of the tree. You can purchase fertilizers made specifically for citrus trees at your local nursery or home improvement store. 

Tip: Stick to Dwarf Trees in Movable Pots for Colder Climates

If you live in an area where it freezes or snows during the winter, then it is wise to plant your landscaping citrus trees in movable pots. This allows you to move the trees indoors or under cover during harsh winter storms.

Finally, to make planting in containers more practical, select dwarf citrus tree varieties. While these smaller trees will produce fewer fruits, they are well adapted to being planted in pots and producing fruit with top-notch flavors.

Contact a local landscaping service to learn more about landscape citrus trees.

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