Working On Your Landscaping? 3 Ways To Use Landscape Rocks To Make Your Yard Look Beautiful

If you are working on your landscaping, there are many things you can do. One thing you should consider using is landscape rocks. There are many ways you can use these rocks for landscaping purposes, three of which are listed below. If you plan to use a lot of these rocks, you can have them delivered to your home to make things easier for you. 

Use for Mulch

Landscaping rocks can be used for mulch in your flower gardens. This looks especially nice if you use small decorative rocks of different colors. Rocks will block the sun from weeds that may try to grow in your garden. Water can easily get through the rocks when you water your flowers or when it rains. 

To use landscape rocks, put several inches of rocks on the soil. If you already have plants planted in the flower garden, make sure the rocks are not close to them. If so, the plants may become smothered and die. One benefit of using landscaping rocks as mulch is you do not have to replace the rocks as you do wood or other types of mulches. This not only saves you time but money as well. 

Make a Rock Garden

If you have large landscaping rocks along with smaller ones, you can create a beautiful rock garden on your property. Rock gardens add a lot of interest to your landscaping. Find an area of your yard that gets a lot of sun and install small boulders. How many boulders you use depends on how many flowers you want to plant. 

Once the boulders are in place, plant low-lying flowers close to them. Flowers that would work well for this include vincas, ground orchids, and portulaca, and you can add some decorative cactuses along with the flowers. If there are any gaps in the rock garden, use the smaller landscaping rocks to fill these in. Use rocks that go well with the color of the boulder that you purchased. 

Use as a Border

If you have a variety of landscaping rocks in different colors and sizes, consider using them as a border. For example, these work well as edging for a flower garden. If you choose this, dig a trench around the flower garden first, install a layer of landscaping fabric and gravel, and then lay the rocks. This will help hold the stones in place and prevent weeds from growing through them. 

If you have a pond on your property or want to add a pond, you can use large landscaping rocks to put a border around it. These rocks will hide the unsightly pond liner and give a beautiful contrast to the water. Choose landscaping rocks that are the same size but in different colors and shapes. 

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