Concrete Landscape Edging Is a Good Choice for Marking and Protecting Your Plant Beds

If you have foundation plants or other landscaping in your yard, such as flower beds or large plants, you need landscape edging to hold in mulch and protect the plants or flowers. You can choose from a variety of edging materials, but concrete is a good one to consider. Here's why edging is important, the advantages of concrete landscape edging, and an overview of how to install it.

Why You Need Landscape Edging

Landscape edging is placed around the border of plant beds to separate the plants from grass. This makes it possible to mow without harming the plants, and it keeps grass from growing into the plant beds.

Edging is also attractive since it breaks up color and texture in your yard. You can put edging around trees and along walkways too. The border created by edging holds the mulch and rocks in place so that they don't spill into the grass and look messy.

Why Concrete Is Good For Landscape Edging

You can buy wood and plastic edging, but these aren't as durable as concrete. Wood edging decays over time, so it loses its shape and eventually rots away unless you replace it before then. Plastic edging is easy to damage. You might crack it with a weed trimmer or by hitting it with a mower.

Concrete is strong and durable. It lasts a long time and it isn't easy to damage even if you run into it with a mower. The edging is attractive as well as durable. Concrete edging is made in forms so it can take on any shape you want, and it even comes in different colors. You might want rectangular blocks or scallop shapes for your edging. You may even want a continuous curb edging that's made on the spot by mixing and pouring concrete.

How Concrete Landscape Edging Is Installed

If you want curb edging, you can build it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. This involves clearing the area, putting down forms, and then pouring concrete into the form and letting the concrete cure. However, you may prefer to buy concrete landscape edging already made.

You can pick out the design you like, buy the number of pieces you need, and then put the edging together yourself or hire someone to install the edging where you want it. Concrete landscape edging is installed by partially burying the concrete sections in the soil. First, you need to place the pavers in the design you want and then run string above the pavers to mark the location so a trench can be dug in just the right spot and kept level and straight.

Pavers are then placed in the trench and hammered in place with a mallet. Soil can then be backfilled to hold the pavers tight in the ground. The pavers should be high enough that they can hold rocks in the flower bed and protect your plants from a weed trimmer.

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