Excavating Your Yard For A Pool? 5 Things To Know Before

Are you adding a swimming pool to your backyard? Not only will it undoubtedly bring years of enjoyment to your family, but it's also a significant boost to the value of most properties. However, before you can get to the fun and exciting part of pool installation, you must first get through the excavation. What should you know about pool excavation to prepare for it? Here are a few key things.

1. Excavation Will Be Unsightly. One of the most shocking parts of the pool installation process for many homeowners is the giant hole that is dug up in their yard. While you may know logically that there will be a big hole, the sight of it can take many aback. In addition, auxiliary pool features — such as decking, utilities, or waterfall support structures —  may mean a larger hole than you realize. 

2. Excavation Is Dangerous. Your contractor will do their best to keep your yard as safe as possible, but there is always some inherent risk to having a big hole in the ground. Make a plan as a family to keep kids and pets away from the excavation site and any materials or heavy equipment left on the property. 

3. Some Properties Have Access Issues. Some yards provide easy access for the large equipment the contractor needs. When possible, using the largest machinery that can safely work on a property makes the work go faster and safer. However, if your yard has limited access, they may need to use smaller excavators which takes longer. Don't be surprised, too, if the contractor must remove some yard feature — like a fence or bushes — to reach the pool area. 

4. Surprises Can Happen. Hopefully, the contractor is able to accurately assess the ground and location before digging. However, even the most experienced excavator does sometimes find trouble once they begin digging. This could be anything from groundwater to rocks to unstable soil or utilities. Prepare yourself for some delays so you can roll with the punches. 

5. You Can Ask for Dirt. All that soil being dug up by the excavation crew? They will dispose of it as part of the service. But if you want some, ask in advance if they can set some aside. This isn't always a good idea if the soil isn't of good quality, but saving it for landscape work around the new pool or for other yard projects can save you time and money. 

Where to Start

Do you have other questions about your particular pool excavation? Learn more by consulting with an experienced landscape contractor who specializes in pool installation today.  

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