Tree Care Tips for Those with Wet Yards

Having a wet yard can impact everything, from lawn care to where you place your grill. One thing homeowners with wet lawns do not always remember to consider is their trees. Trees in wet yards do often require more precise care than those in dry yards. Here are some tree care tips that will serve you well as someone with wet land.

Create drainage where you can.

If there are steps you can take to drain some of the water away from the trees, take them. You may need to dig a little drainage ditch or a gully, or you might need to have a landscaping team come to put in some drain tile. If tree roots are in over-saturated soil for too long, they can start to rot, and they also become more vulnerable to fungal infections of the roots — which are really hard to treat. You may not be able to get things perfect with drainage, but adding whatever drainage you can is better for the trees. 

Rake your leaves up promptly.

Raking leaves can be a bit of a nuisance when the ground is wet, but this chore is even more important on wet land. Once fallen leaves get wet, they start growing fungi. Some of those fungi may be infectious to the tree. If you rake the leaves up quickly, you can prevent the tree from becoming infected with fungal diseases like anthracnose and powdery mildew disease, both of which are more common in wet environments.

Don't skip fertilizing.

Fertilizer is often applied along with water, and as such, homeowners with wet yards tend to skip it since they don't water their trees. But all of that flowing water can easily rinse nutrients out of the soil, leaving it deficient. So, it is a good idea to keep fertilizing your trees, even though the soil is wet. There are powdered and pelleted fertilizers you can use for this purpose. You sprinkle them over the ground before rain is expected and the rain dissolves them. This way, you're not adding any extra water to the soil when you fertilize, and your trees will have the nutrients they need to thrive.

Keeping trees healthy on wet land takes some vigilance and attention to detail, but you can do it! Follow the tips above, and reach out to a tree care company if you need more assistance. They can offer care based on the climate in your area.

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