5 Signs A Sprinkler System Needs Repairs

If you have a sprinkler system on a property, it will inevitably require repairs. Letting sprinkler repairs go can be a costly choice, even if the system appears to still be relatively functional. You should keep an eye on these 5 possible signs irritation repairs are in the near-term future of your setup.

Patchy Grass

Look at the grass on your property. A properly functioning sprinkler system should irrigate it all fairly evenly. There shouldn't be patches of grass thriving while others are struggling or even dying.

Bear in mind the causes can swing toward excess wetness or dryness. A patch could be drowned by excessive watering just as easily as it can be deprived of water. Have a professional check the issue to determine what sorts of repairs are necessary.

High Water Bills

If you've had a system running long enough that it needs sprinkler repairs, you also should have a decent idea of what your standard water bill ought to be. While a water bill could be a sign of trouble elsewhere, you should check the sprinklers. A malfunctioning set of sprinklers can be costly.

Never assume the problem will be visible. A leaking line, for example, could leave the evidence buried.

Water Pressure Fluctuations

Modern sprinkler systems shouldn't cause massive changes in overall water pressure. If the system is connected to your home's water supply, a change in pressure when the sprinklers activate isn't a good sign. Malfunctioning units could draw too much pressure. In the best scenario, this is a notable nuisance. In the worst one, it could be a sign of an expensive issue. When in doubt, ask a professional to check it out.


Whenever there's a problem with a sprinkler head, there's a good chance it will sputter. A clog, for example, can trigger sputtering. If you're comfortable attempting to clear a clog, it's worth trying to address the issue on your own.

However, the problem could be an internal failure. For example, highly chlorinated water can corrode sprinkler heads and compromise them. Similarly, high mineral content in the water can induce clogging in spots you can readily clean. Oftentimes, sprinkler repairs or replacements are the answer.

Reduced Control

Over time, electrical and water lines in the system can fail. This can lead to a situation where controls either don't respond at all or they perform poorly. A valve might take longer to open, leading to noticeable lag, for example.

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