5 Qualities Your Rental Unit's Yard Should Have

The yard at your rental property is an important part of appealing to new renters and keeping quality ones you already have. But what should rental unit landscaping look like? Here are a few qualities it should have to get the best response from tenants. 

1. It Should Be Neutral

Just as with your rental unit itself, the yard should be pleasant but not too personalized. As you design its layout, think less about what you want in this yard or how you would use it and more about what the largest part of your tenant pool would want in it. Skip the putting green in the backyard and install a nice, neutral — but eminently useful — back patio with built-in seating instead. 

2. It Should Be Shady

Backyard shade is particularly important to most families because it makes the space much more usable all year round. Trees are the best way to add long-term outdoor shade to both the front and back yard. But if there are no trees large enough to provide shade, include hardscaping like pergolas, a covered patio, or lattices with vines to entice renters. 

3. It Should Be Low Maintenance

Make things easier on yourself and your tenants by crafting a low-maintenance yard design — especially if you don't provide landscaping services. Native plants, an automatic drip and sprinkler irrigation system, good drainage, and hardy perennials are a few of the elements that will keep things looking healthy without investing a lot of time or money. 

4. It Should Be Green

Landlords looking to make their yards simple and cost-effective often install too much hardscape. Some concrete, pavers, patios, and structures are nice, but tenants appreciate greenery too. Paving the whole yard often makes it look harsh and unwelcoming. Balance out your hardscape with welcoming lushness.

5. It Should Be Pet Friendly

Do you allow pets in your rental? If so, design a yard that's good for Fido as well as the family. Create an attractive pet run. Use hardy plants that can handle trampling and animal urine. Avoid toxic plants and sharp edges. And make sure your fence is in good condition. Thinking about their pets attracts good renters. 

Want more ideas for your rental yard space? Start by consulting with a landscape service, such as K&K Landscape Service, in your area today. No matter what your yard's size, budget, and style, keeping these goals in mind will ensure that it does its part in getting and keeping the best tenants. 

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