Have A Plain Backyard? 4 Tips To Make Low-Upkeep Additions

Owning a home gives you the power to change the inside and outside as you please. If your family is already satisfied with the interior, you should make plans to work on the exterior. A plain backyard is something that can discourage your family from spending much or any time outside. Adding several low-upkeep features will improve the space without increasing regular maintenance.

Irrigation System

Growing grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees will cover the landscape in color and greenery. Everything that you plant will need enough sunlight and water to grow and stay healthy. As such, strategical placement can take care of sunlight needs, but you still need to consider watering demands. An irrigation system is a great solution, especially when installing it after planning out the entire backyard. This way, you can make sure to water all the grass and plants.

Prioritizing rotor and spray systems over drip irrigation is a smart move to minimize upkeep. While drip irrigation can work well, you need to put more work into cleaning to avoid clogging.


While a backyard does not need exciting features, you may want to add one or two to get your family outside regularly. A fire pit with built-in seating is a great feature for any backyard. You can invite friends, relatives, and neighbors over to eat, socialize, and enjoy the fire together. Fortunately, maintaining this feature is easy to do by hosing down the paving and seating occasionally. You also want to keep landscape debris away from the fire to avoid fire hazards. 


Moving around your backyard may require you to walk around on dirt, grass, or gravel. This can make it hard to walk around the landscape without getting your shoes muddy on rainy days. Even dewy mornings can cause problems. To remedy this, you should install paving as a permanent solution.

Paving makes it easy to get around without worrying about weather conditions. You can maintain the pathways with sweeping, water spraying, and the occasional pressure washing service.


If your backyard lacks trees, you can grow them to bring many benefits to your family. Trees can attract wild animals such as birds and squirrels to spend time in your backyard. If you want shade anywhere in the yard, you can grow shade trees. Landscape professionals can help you pick out tall and wide trees that cast enough shade on an area to satisfy your needs.

Picking options like native trees that do well in your climate is an excellent strategy. You may even want to pick ones that do not create much debris to reduce how much cleanup is required.

Working on these projects will help you spruce up your backyard while avoiding high upkeep. To learn more, contact a landscaping company. 

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