5 Signs That You May Have Lawn Drainage Issues

Poor lawn drainage can cause major issues in landscaping. The good news is that a drainage service can improve drainage and remedy the problem. Knowing the signs of a drainage issue can ensure you schedule prompt service.

1. Low Areas

Any low areas in the yard can be prone to drainage problems, so it is important to closely check on known low spots regularly. Common areas for low spots are at the base of slopes or in locations where ruts have formed from walking or mowing along the same path. If you have any low spots, monitor the soil there weekly to make sure it's not retaining more moisture than the rest of the lawn.

2. Boggy Soil

Boggy soil may seem to never dry out fully. Your shoes may squelch when you walk across a certain spot in your lawn, and often it may seem to have more mud than grass. After rain or irrigation, there may be actual standing water in the area. Boggy areas typically continue to feel spongy, even if the rest of the yard is dry and needs irrigation. In fact, these spots often won't dry out completely unless there is an extended drought.

3. Moss

Moss shouldn't be able to compete successfully with lawn grasses because the grass should be able to shade it out and regulate the moisture so there isn't enough for moss growth. If moss is taking over the grass in an area, then chances are high that there is too much water in the soil. That excess moisture drowns grass roots, but it provides just the right medium for moss to grow on the damp surface.

4. Grass Dieback

As mentioned previously, grass roots drown in overly wet soil. This is because roots need air as well as moisture in the soil. The grass won't brown or yellow as it would if it was dying of other causes. Grass in poorly drained areas with wet soil will die out, often turning slimy in the process before rotting away completely.

5. Foul Odors

You may notice a bad odor that is reminiscent of rotting vegetables in the lawn when there are wet areas that just won't drain. Some of that odor is due to decomposing plant material, while some of the odor is from the variety of bacteria and fungi that thrive in poorly drained areas.

Contact a drainage service like Morlock Landscape & Design for more help if you suspect drainage issues are affecting your lawn.

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