Too Busy For Yard Work? Landscape Maintenance Contracts 101

With so many homeowners leading busy, demanding lifestyles, there's very little time available for lawn care and landscape maintenance. However, just because you don't have the time to keep up with your home's landscaping yourself shouldn't mean that your yard can't look beautiful anyway. That's why you should think about working with a landscaping contractor and signing a landscape maintenance contract. Here's a look at some of the maintenance services you can ask your landscape contractor about. 

Flower Bed Planting And Care

If you love the look of colorful flower beds but simply don't have the time for the planting, weeding, and other upkeep, you should talk with a landscape maintenance contractor. Many landscaping companies include seasonal flower bed planting, weeding, and similar services as part of a maintenance contract.

All you'll have to do is tell your landscaper what types of flowers you like, or you can leave it entirely up to them to choose what thrives in your area. They will handle planting, weeding, and fertilizing your flower beds as part of your ongoing maintenance services.


Laying fresh mulch around the base of trees, in flower beds, and along other important areas of your home's landscaping can be a time-consuming process. If you don't want to lug those heavy mulch bags or invest the time required to distribute the mulch where it needs to be, don't stress about it. You can often add seasonal mulch applications to your landscape maintenance contract so that your landscapers handle the mulch application and distribution.

Mowing And Leaf Removal

Landscape maintenance also includes lawn management. Most landscaping companies offer a range of mowing frequencies as well as routine leaf removal throughout the fall season. Talk with your landscaping contractor about weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing and leaf removal to keep your lawn looking its best all through the traditional grass growing season.

You should also ensure that the mowing services include weed trimming, edging, and cleanup. Your landscaping contractors will clear up errant grass clippings and other waste with leaf blowers so that you don't have a mess left behind.

Don't resign yourself to a poorly maintained landscape just because you lead a busy lifestyle. Talk with a local landscaping contractor about a landscape maintenance contract to ensure that your home's landscaping needs are met even when you don't have the time. Consider these services and any others your property might need when you negotiate your maintenance contract. Contact a landscape maintenance service for more information. 

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