Hardscaping Heroes: Backyard Elements That Are Making A Difference In Landscape Design For 2021

Being forced to spend more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners are turning to their outdoor living space more than ever before for recreation, relaxation, and entertainment. From raised bed gardening to outdoor kitchens, today's backyards are much more than a patio or deck. With all the hardscaping trends for 2021, you are sure to find a few that will make an impact on your outdoor living space and help you design a backyard that makes a difference. 

Raised garden beds

The fear of food shortages and an uncertain financial future have caused many homeowners to turn back to the practice of growing their own food. Look for more raised garden beds for vegetable growing to be incorporated into backyard designs in 2021. Raised garden beds can be constructed of wood or designed with natural stone to provide you with years of raised garden possibilities.

Water features

Anxiety levels are high, and homeowners are turning to the soothing sound of water to maximize their outdoor relaxation experience. Fountains can be placed along a garden path or stand alone to create a focal point in an outdoor space. Backyard ponds are charming additions when surrounded by benches, hammocks, or swings for relaxation.

Nature-welcoming additions

Birdhouses and birdbaths are popping up in backyards as homeowners take up the hobby of birdwatching to relieve stress. Bee keeping is growing in popularity, so expect to see more bee boxes showing up in 2021. Raising chickens is another popular homesteading trend, and you can expect to see chicken houses as part of urban backyard landscapes in the new year. 

Outdoor kitchens and dining

Basic grills are being replaced by elaborate outdoor kitchens complete with many of the elements of an indoor kitchen, which are often an extension of a patio or deck. Outdoor dining chairs and tables are luxurious and comfortable for entertaining or enjoying a meal outdoors with your family. Firepits continue to be popular and provide both aesthetic and practical value to your outdoor living space.

Whether you are working from home more or avoiding going out for entertainment due to safety concerns, having a great outdoor space is important. Adding some hardscaping features to your outdoor space is a wise investment that is sure to prove beneficial to you and your family. Whether you are planning to entertain more or simply create a serene backyard haven for rest and relaxion, hardscaping trends for 2021 will not leave you disappointed.

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