Backyard Patio Updating and Improvement Options for Your Landscaping Design

Your backyard space is your own area where you can create a relaxing oasis and a retreat from the outside stress in your life while getting you closer to nature. Concrete is a good improvement for your backyard to provide a seating area or a foundation for other activities or gathering areas. Here are some options to help you add in a concrete patio to your backyard landscaping for an improved appearance and better enjoyment.

Add a Surface Treatment

The surface of your concrete patio is going to be exposed to the elements and is at risk of staining and cracking just like any other concrete surface in your yard. However, you can add a surface treatment to protect it and also give it a new appearance to improve your backyard space. Be sure you clean your existing concrete before you apply any surface application to make sure it has good adhesion and lasts as a finish. If you are planning to pour a new concrete slab, the concrete's new surface will be ready for surface treatment.

You can add color to your concrete with an acid stain or concrete pigment to give it a new appearance. You can also apply a pattern using stains to make the surface of the concrete have the appearance of cobblestones, bricks, or natural stone.

Talk to a concrete professional or your landscaper about some options to transform your concrete patio. Just be sure you seal your newly-treated concrete with a protective sealant. This will protect your concrete coloring and also make the surface water-resistant, which will further help your concrete last in the outside environment.

Landscape Around the Edges

Once you have your concrete patio installed and finished with the right treatment and appearance, you can begin to landscape around its edges. You can plant shrubbery around the edges of your patio to provide privacy to the space, or you can add in trees to help provide shade as they mature.

Be sure you account for the mature height of any trees you plant so you don't plant them directly next to your pavement, as the roots can grow up into the pavement and crack its foundation. Plant the trees several feet away from your concrete and you can still benefit from the shade as it falls upon the concrete at specific times of the day. Keep in mind that trees placed on the southern, south-western, and western sides of your patio will give maximum shading to the area during the hottest times of the day.

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