4 Tips For Establishing A New Sod Lawn

Installing a new lawn can give your home an instant facelift. Your new grass landscape will be green and healthy, which can be a vast improvement if you were living with a patchy lawn or a dirt lot previously. The following are four things you need to do to ensure your new grass landscape gets off to a healthy start.

1. Install Edging First

Edging is an overlooked but vital component to maintaining a healthy lawn, particularly if you have garden beds interspersed with the lawn areas. Install the edging after you have stripped out the old weedy sod and topsoil. You can use any type of edging you like, such as vinyl or bricks, just make sure it sits about 6 inches deep and protrudes at least 2 inches above the soil. This way it can prevent roots from growing under as well as stop plants from growing over. This will keep garden weeds out of the lawn and lawn grass out of the garden. It also gives the landscape a more finished look.

2. Lay Down Any Sprinkler Lines

Water is the most important component for a lush lawn, so make sure you have an irrigation method before you install the grass. If you don't have an existing sprinkler system, consider installing one now before the grass goes in. This way you won't have to dig trenches and damage the lawn later if you decide to install a system. If you already have a sprinkler system, this is a good time to perform a full inspection and any repairs since there is no lawn covering the lines.

3. Build Up The Soil

Next, you need to make sure the soil is perfect for growing a grass lawn. Soil testing is necessary to determine what you need to add. Then, bring in fresh compost and topsoil. Mix in any fertilizers or nutrients recommended by the soil test before spreading the fresh soil over the lawn area. By starting with a good soil base, you increase the chances of a healthy lawn and decrease the chances of problems.

4. Establish The Sod

Finally, take the time to properly establish the sod once it is installed. You will need to water several times a day for the first week or so until the sod roots penetrate into the soil. You can usually walk on the lawn, but you want to avoid heavy traffic. Also, don't attempt to mow the new sod until the new grass has established healthy roots and put on at least 2 inches of new growth.

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