Adding Living, Thriving Color To Shaded Areas Of Your Property

Sometimes, it's difficult to add colors to the shaded area of your property. If you have shady areas that you can't keep the grass growing, you may do well to have the area hardscaped with large landscaping rocks to fill the dead space for an easy to maintain property.

Your hardscaping doesn't have to mean the end to the green colors of nature. There is lots of variations of plants that will grow hardily even in the shade. Here, you'll find a few ideas of the landscape plants you can incorporate into the shaded hardscape design of your property.


Moss loves the shade, so it will do very well to add some green with not much maintenance. Moss can be harvested naturally from wooded areas, or you can grow your own moss to use.

To grow your own moss you'll need some buttermilk and some chopped moss. Mix one part buttermilk with two parts chopped moss to create a peanut butter-like paste. Smear the paste on the area where you'd like it to grow. Lightly water the area each day. In just a few weeks, the moss will begin to grow and will eventually spread to cover the rocks in the shade.


Many types of ferns do well in very shady areas. You have two options – plant the ferns in the ground or use different types of flower pots to keep them planted in. The flower pots can be tucked between the large rocks so all that you'll see is the ferns growing out of them.

One great benefit of ferns is that they add quite a bit of dimension to the look. You can find numerous types of ferns that will grow to different heights to fill in spaces with ease.

Ground Covering Plants

You can find so many different ground covering plants that thrive in shady areas.  These plants can take some time to spread, but some will spread quite rapidly. All you'll have to do is plant the starters or seeds in one small area and allow Mother Nature to take over. Soon, the ground will be covered with the plants that you've selected and there will be color in the shade.

Talk with your local landscaping designer to learn more about adding colors to the shaded areas of your property. There are so many options to consider, but choosing what will do well without going through the expense of trial and error is something that your landscape designer can do for you.

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