Which Patio Materials Is Right for You?

An outdoor patio is great for entertaining, enjoying the summer weather, and for adding dimension to your overall landscape design. However, there are many types of patios to choose from, and each one offers different pros and cons. Here are some of the common materials used for patio installation and their advantages and disadvantages. 


A raised patio made from wood similar to a deck can be a low-budget option for a useable patio space. Wood is simple to install, and it can be customized to different designs. With staining and painting, this patio can be any color you would like. The downside is that wood is not as long lasting for a patio space and will require some regular maintenance. Paints and stains fade over time and need to be replaced, and wood can begin to look weathered. If you have a more sleek home design, wood will not match. 

Natural Stone

One of the most beautiful options for a patio, you can use natural stone slabs. These slabs vary in shape and size, but they can be cut to fit a predetermined shape. You won't, however, be able to make a design with stone slabs. Flagstone is also relatively simple to install. The finish will be more rustic, with varying textures. it can add depth and beauty to your landscape. Your patio will be unique, because no two pieces of stone are exactly alike in color. 


If you still want the beauty of natural stone but do not want the irregularity of flagstone pavers, you might choose tile as your finish. Tiles can be made from porcelain and ceramic, but they can also be cut from granite, marble, and other hard stone. Tiles may be more porous and mare easy to stain. They can also be more challenging to keep clean. However, you do have more flexibility in a predetermined design. For example, you may lay tiles in a herringbone pattern. 

Paving Bricks

Paving bricks are a durable, cost effective patio option. They are hugely versatile. Not only do they come in range of colors and sizes, but they also are completely customizable to your home style. For example, if you want a sleek look, you might get charcoal colored bricks in large square slabs to lay down. If you want an aged, weathered look, you can get tumbled bricks in a mottled brown and grey mix. They can also be laid in nearly any pattern, forming pathways, circles, and borders. 

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