Custom Landscaping Ideas For An In-Ground Swimming Pool

To create a luxury resort look for your backyard swimming pool, you may want to consider adding a few landscaping touches. With the help of a landscaping contractor, you can create a custom setup for your pool that transforms your backyard. Here are a few ideas to consider as you plan your landscaping project.

Grass And Paver Checkerboard

One way to create a beautiful deck area around your swimming pool is to lay out a pattern of grass and concrete pavers. This option reduces the amount of maintenance your yard needs, as you won't have to mow a full yard of grass every week, and the concrete pavers offer a way to step out of the pool without getting grass stuck to your feet. Work with your landscaper to create a custom pattern for the area around your pool. You can combine this option with a paver walkway, which can also help define the space around the pool.

Retaining Wall

One way to define the space around your pool is to add a retaining wall. This creates a border while giving you additional landscaping opportunities. For example, you can plant bushes or flowers behind the wall to add extra greenery around the pool area. Consider adding LED lighting to the bottom of the retaining wall to illuminate the pool at night, and add decorative flower urns around the entrance to the pool area. You can also combine a retaining wall with a set of concrete steps leading down to the pool area, which gives the yard a luxurious look.

Shade Trees

You can create a true resort feel around your pool by adding a few shade trees. Work with your landscaper to ensure at least a portion of the pool area will have access to sunlight, while a section will have shade throughout the day. This can be accomplished by adding trees to one and of the pool. One fun option is to add fruit trees to the area around the pool. Your landscaper can determine how far away to plant, so the fruit stays away from the water while adding color and fragrance to the pool area.

Talk to your landscaper about your available space, the different looks that interest you, and the climate in your area. Together you can create a stunning look that adds extra beauty to your in-ground pool. With the right touches, you can have a luxury resort-style look for your property. For more information, contact your local custom landscaping service.

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