Why Might You Get An ALTA Land Survey?

Getting information about the property that you own or are or about to own is important. Land surveys can give you details that you need to understand the costs involved in maintaining a property and the answers you need to resolve disputes. The ALTA (American Land Title Association) survey can be one of the most comprehensive surveys you can receive about a property. With this survey, not only are buildings and fences laid out, but easements, utilities, roads and other details are also highlighted. Why might you get this type of survey and not a more basic one?

You've Just Inherited a Property

If a relative has just gifted you a house or property, you will need to know what you're dealing with. You may not be privy to the history of the place; for example, you may not know that a prior owner had a gentleman's agreement to plant a garden on a neighbor's land and think the garden is your legal property. Should you want to sell and use the garden as a selling point, a new owner may end up taking action against you when the neighbor wants to put up a fence that encloses the area. Because you may not be aware of boundary lines, you could benefit from a complete ALTA survey.

You Want to Buy A Large, Vacant Parcel

A parcel of vacant land is becoming rare in some parts of the country. If you've got the chance to purchase one, you may be eager to buy without all the relevant information. To avoid surprises, an ALTA survey may be necessary. If, for instance, there's an easement that's leased to the town government or a utility company, you'll need to know that they can use that portion however they choose.

You Want to Sell a Land Parcel

If you own acres and acres of land and want to sell them off in subdivided parcels, the more information you can give prospective buyers, the quicker you may be able to sell. However, that means you need to know about them yourself. An ALTA survey will give you information so you can list utility lines, right-of-ways and other data on sales listings.

If you're considering a survey for a property, the ALTA survey is one of the most thorough studies of the area. Discuss your situation with surveyors nearby who can recommend an ALTA or another survey to best get the information you want.

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