Soften Up An Impersonal Office Building With These 5 Landscape Features

Office buildings can often seem cold and imposing because they are commercial in nature and because they house impersonal offices. If you want to soften up your structure, though, you can do a lot for not much money by changing the landscape around it. 

Here are 5 ways to do it.

Plant Year-Round Color. Few things liven up a hard surface more than colorful flowers. If the building is a somewhat plain, neutral color, opt for bold flowers in a variety of fun shades. If you already have a more bold color scheme, keep the flowers in complementary hues or a little more sparse. And be sure you remember to include flowers that will brighten things up—such as spring bulbs and autumn mum—during the off-season. 

Add a Water Feature. Water is a nearly universally relaxing and comforting element. Whether it's something to greet guests and visitors or it's part of employee-use areas, a water feature is an easy way to make any area seem more romantic. Large outdoor spaces benefit from an extended water feature such as a pond with fish and a bridge, while smaller landscaping looks great with a simple fountain or waterfall. 

Use Shade Trees. If you get harsh sun in the summer, add a few trees to cool guests off with some nice shade. You could place them along walking paths, near the front door, and in strategic places in the parking lot itself. As a bonus, trees that cast shade onto your building's doors and windows can help lower energy bills throughout the warm months.

Incorporate Seating. Invite visitors and staff to linger outside and enjoy themselves by installing some seating options. If your budget or space is lacking, a simple wooden or complementary metal bench with some potted flowers is enough to add a cozy invitation to relax. If you want to do more, consider designing an outdoor employee break area surrounded by lush greenery for beauty and privacy. 

Focus on the Entrance. Does your building have minimal landscaping options? Soften all those harsher elements by focusing your energy on the front entrance. Containers of flowers, dwarf trees, and romantic landscape lighting all require little extra space but add a lot of emotion to any entryway. 

No matter which of these ideas work best for your building, your employees and visitors will immediately notice how welcoming you've made your space. And that's sure to start some profitable conversations for your business. 

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