Spring Tasks To Help Get Your Yard Ready For The Summer Season

A well-kept yard with a manicured lawn and weed-free landscaping helps to boost the appearance of your lawn. Beginning early in the spring with these jobs can help you get a jump start on your yard work to achieve your goal of a beautiful yard. Here are some spring tasks you can complete to your yard's landscaping to improve the look of your property.

Prevent Weeds in Landscaping

Because your landscaping contains areas of vegetation and requires regular watering, it can be common for weeds to begin growing within your vegetation. You can, however, use some tips to help fight the weeds and reduce their numbers.

First, install and use a drip irrigation system to deliver water directly to the vegetation you want to be watered. This also keeps dry the surrounding areas of soil that are void of vegetation, which helps prevent the germination of weed seeds.

Next, install a landscaping fabric upon the bare areas of soil surrounding your landscaped vegetation, using landscape fabric pins to secure the fabric into the soil. Then, over the top of the landscape fabric, pour an organic mulch of wood chips, bark, or other material. A decorative and organic mulch will cover the landscaping fabric and can be spread directly around your vegetation landscaping, which breaks down over time and add nutrients back into the soil. A mulch also gives your landscaping areas a uniform and rich appearance.

As weeds occasionally take root in your landscaping mulch, because they are growing in the mulch their root system will not grow as deeply. This will make it easier to pull them from your yard.

Thicken Up the Lawn

After a long winter, your lawn may have a few bare spots where a fungus or other problem has killed the grass. Spring is the perfect opportunity to supplement your lawn with lawn overseeding. The lower temperatures in spring help keep seeds and surrounding soil moist so the seeds germinate more easily, and the new lawn seedlings will be able to grow in well before the heat of summer sets in. And any extra spring rainstorms help boost the moisture in the soil to promote the seeds' germination.

Sprinkle the seeds onto any bare or thin spots, add a thin layer of peat moss, then use a rake to mix it into the soil. Water the seeded areas several times each day to keep the soil moist for the first several weeks until the new seeds begin to germinate. To learn more, contact a landscaping company like Nature's Design Landscaping

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