Answering Questions About Keeping Your Yard A Comfortable Place To Spend Time

Caring for the plants that grow on your property is important for preserving the appearance of your home. However, you may not have much experience with maintaining residential landscaping. This can lead to instances where there are a few questions that you need to have addressed.

Are There Steps For Reducing The Amount Of Water Needed To Irrigate The Landscaping?

Watering the plants on your property is one of the more basic and common forms of maintenance that landscaping will demand. In addition to being time-consuming, this can also be costly and wasteful due to the amount of water that will be needed. In order to help you reduce the costs of maintaining your property, you should take steps to reduce the watering needs of your property. This can be done by installing plants that have very low moisture needs. While this may require planting exotic plants from arid climates, the costs can be worth it for limiting the amount of water while still having many plants on the property. The grass is one of the main consumers of moisture in landscaping, and replacing it with decorative rocks or artificial turf can be another way of reducing the watering needs of the property.

Do You Only Need To Worry About Landscaping During The Summer?

Homeowners are prone to only think about their landscaping during the summer and spring months. However, maximizing the appearance of your landscaping will require year-round maintenance. During the fall and winter months, you should look to replenish the mulch at the base of your plants as it will help to insulate the roots. Also, these months can be excellent for pruning the plants, as it will allow them to heal during the dormant season so that as little of the growing season is missed as possible.

What Are Your Options For Weed Control?

Controlling the growth of weeds on your property is another task that will likely demand large amounts of your attention. Weeds can destroy the aesthetic that you are looking to achieve while also depriving your desired plants of the nutrients, root space, and sunlight that they may need. While manually pulling the weeds out of the ground is one option for managing this issue, the installation of weed netting may be more effective. This netting will inhibit the weeds from being able to germinate. While this will not completely eliminate the need for some manual weeding or the use of pesticides, it can drastically reduce it.

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