Are You Landscaping Your New Back Yard Yourself?

Did you build a home in the country? Perhaps you have built a house in the suburbs and you're lucky enough to have space for a garden. If you have decided to do the landscaping yourself, from clearing the land you will use for the garden to buying decorative accent pieces, here are some ideas that might help you to landscape your new back yard in a way that will make it attractive and useful for your family and friends.

Prepare The Land - Of course, you can't proceed with the fun part of landscaping until the land is cleared. Consider making arrangements for professionals to do the job.  A land clearing service will have people who are trained and who have the experience to do the job well. In addition, the service will have state-of-the-art equipment that will more than likely have your land cleared in a short amount of time. As you talk to whomever is in charge, be specific about the size of the property that needs to be cleared. And, give the service an exact date that you want them to clear your land. Consider getting the name of one individual that you can call on for questions or for updates on your plans to clear the land for your back yard.

​Make A Plan - After the land is cleared and made ready for landscaping, you'll be ready for the fun part of planting and doing the other things that will make your new back yard ready for outdoor living. Even if you're not a gifted artist, consider making a sketch of how you want to landscape the back yard area. You'll more than likely want a focal point. For example, maybe you want a gazebo as part of the design. If so, sketch that in. Next sketch in things like a rose garden, a play area for kids, and maybe even a patio for outdoor entertaining. Decide what kind of furniture you'll want. Wrought iron or rustic wood with something like red or blue denim as the upholstery will be nice for a casual look. For something a bit more formal, consider wicker or rattan with upholstery that has things like flowers and butterflies as part of the design.

It's probably the extra touches that will give personality to your new back yard. Think about buying outdoor statuary, decorative bird houses and planters to place in strategic spots of your new back yard.

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