Insight To Install And Landscape Around Your Paving Stepping Stone Walkway

Your backyard landscaping makes your outdoor space functional and beautiful. Paving stepping stones set into your garden can provide a stable and mud-free walkway for you and also gives the space an attractive appearance. Here are some tips to help you install a paving stone walkway surrounded with an appropriate vegetation.

Prepare the Site

One of the most important aspects to installing your paving stepping stones is to prepare a good foundation for the ground below your pavers. Excavate the soil and any vegetation from the site so you have removed enough soil to allow for a layer of base sand and the height of your paving stones. You can do this with shovels or for a larger area you can use a skid steer to remove the soil. Then, when you are ready to set the pavers into the area, they will be level with the surrounding soil.

Once you have the soil removed, add a layer of sand onto the level foundation soil to help the leveling process of the paving stones much simpler. With a friend's help, you can use the edge of a two-by-four and a carpenter's level to smooth the sand evenly.

Install the Stones

Set each paving stepping stone onto the foundation sand, arranging them in the pattern of your preference. Leaving gaps between the stones will allow you to grow decorative vegetation and add color to your paving stones. Fill in the gaps between your paving stepping stones with mulched soil, compacting it around each stone. Using soil versus sand provides an area to grow decorative vegetation within your walkway.

Plant Vegetation

When your paving stones are set within the soil leaving space around each individual stone, you can add vegetation around the stones to add variety and to prevent weed growth. There are many types of hardscape vegetation to choose from.

Look for plants that grow level to the ground and no higher than a couple inches. Also make sure you choose vegetation that grow a dense layer of foliage to thoroughly cover the gaps between your pavers. And the plants should be hardy enough to withstand any foot traffic. Be sure when you select your vegetation for between your pavers that you consider the amount of sun or shade they will receive and how drought tolerant they are, as you will need to make sure they get enough moisture. Some good choices of vegetation can include creeping thyme, dichondra, blue star creeper, and Irish moss.

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