Effectively Managing Water Runoff To Control Erosion On Your Property

The term Erosion Control can be a little daunting but the truth is, it just means controlling the way water runs off on your land so it doesn't take too much soil with it. Erosion can be devastating to a project because it can take the soil right out from under a home or other structure on the property, leaving you with an unstable building. While not every method is right for you, here are a couple options to think about.

Installing Drainage To Control The Flow

If you have water that just runs through the property, adding a drainage line to the property can help a lot. The primary drain needs to be near the source of the water so that it will flow into the drain and under or around your property. The idea here is to stop the water problem but give it someplace to go that it will not be damaging to your property. Often some gravel or stone, a perforated drain pipe and a little time are all that is needed to fix the drain for many years to come. Forming a drainage well to take the water to the pipe and to allow the water to drain on the other end is critical to making this system work properly.

Hillside Protection

Hillsides are a tough situation because water always runs down the slopes during heavy rain, take the hillside material with it. The hillside can be planted with hearty grasses, trees, and shrubs to make it look nice and to break up the flow of water down running down the slope. The root structure of the trees and shrubs help create a natural network of barriers under the surface but on top, what can you do?

Hydroseeding and Turf

 Creating a surface barrier can be as easy as planting grass on the hillside. Thye grass helps to break up the water flow running over the surface of the hill. Often large nets over the hillside to keep water from forming a river through your property. This technique is used along highways and on a large construction project with good success, In most cases, the ground is hydroseeded and then hay and a large net are spread over the hillside. The combination of the net, the hay, and the hydroseeding is a good way to slow the erosion and allow the grass to really take hold on the hillside. You can also place turn to help slow things down but you will need to place the sod completely to form a surface barrier on the property.

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