Time For Landscaping? Why You Should Choose Sod Over Seed

Now that spring is here, it's time to start planning your landscaping projects. If a new lawn is on your list, you need to talk to your landscaper about sod. If you hadn't thought about sod, you need to. There are a wide variety of benefits to be had by choosing sod instead of traditional seed starts. Here are just four of the benefits you'll enjoy by choosing sod over seed.

Less Expensive than Starting from Seed

If you thought that starting from seed was less expensive than sod, you might be surprised to find that that's not actually correct. In fact, when you start your lawn from seed, you may actually end up spending quite a bit more to achieve the lawn results you wanted. This is particularly true when you consider the cost of the seed, mulch, fertilizer, and large quantities of water you'll be using just to get the seed to germinate. When you choose sod, you don't need to worry about the cost of the germination process.

Provides Instant Beautification

When you start your lawn from seed, there's that extended period of time where you're waiting for the lawn to sprout. During that time, you're left with bare soil that looks anything but attractive. Not only that, but you've got to spend your time trying to keep everyone – and everything – off the soil so that the seeds aren't destroyed. However, when you have sod planted in your yard, you'll enjoy instant beautification. That's because as soon as the sod is in place, you have a lush, green lawn. You can have the sod planted in the morning, and be relaxing on it in the evening.

No Unattractive Bald Spots

One of the problems with starting your lawn from seed is that you have no way of ensuring an even distribution of seed. Wind can blow the seed away, birds can eat the seed, and seed spreaders can miss entire sections of the soil. Unfortunately, the end result can be a yard filled with bald spots that will need to be reseeded. Sod won't leave you with those unattractive bald spots. That's because it's rolled into place one strip at a time, ensuring an even distribution throughout your yard.

Reduces Weed Worries

When you start your lawn from seed, you need to be concerned about weeds from the beginning. One reason is because most bags of seed contain a certain percentage of weed seeds. Not only that, but while your soil is bare, waiting for the grass seed to germinate, weed seeds can be carried to the soil by birds and even through the wind. You can avoid the weed worries by choosing sod instead of seed. Sod is carefully grown to avoid weeds. As a result, you'll have a lush, weed-free lawn.

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