Soften Your Hardscaping With A Little Moss

Hardscaping your property can add appeal, but some people don't like the look of large rocks placed around their property that don't look like they were found there naturally. If you don't like how bare your hardscaping looks, you can grow yourself some moss to make the setting look more natural. Here's how.

Growing Conditions for Moss

Moss needs the right conditions to grow. Moss likes a lot of moisture and doesn't like a whole lot of sun. So, the area in which you want the moss to grow must be moist and shady. If the conditions aren't right, you can plant some larger plants, trees or shrubs to create the shade that the moss needs and you can install a sprinkler system to ensure that the moss stays moist enough to flourish.

Moss Transplantation

The quickest way to get the moss growing on your hardscaping is to find it growing out in the wild. If you have access to a stream or creek, take a shovel, and some boxes lined with plastic bags and collect yourself some moss.

Use a flat shovel to scrape the moss off of the rock collecting as much of the soil underneath as possible. The soil contains the little filaments that the moss needs to live, so do your best to dig well below the top of the soil.

Slide the sheet of moss off of the shovel into the plastic bag lined box. You can keep the moss in the box for several days if you take the time to water it each day. As long as it's kept moist, you shouldn't have to worry about getting it placed for a week or so.

Once you are ready to place the moss on the hardscaping, spray the hardscaping with water, slide the moss out of the box and position it. Water it twice each day for at least the first two weeks and then daily after. Soon, the moss will spread and will look as if it had grown there naturally.

Home-Grown Moss

If you don't have access to natural moss, you can make your own home-grown moss.

  • Mix 4 cups of buttermilk with 3 cups of chopped dry or fresh moss.
  • Paint the mixture onto the hardscaping that you hope to cover.
  • Spritz the area with water to wet it, but don't use so much water that the mixture washes away.
  • Be patient – it can take up to 6 weeks for the moss to grow in thick.

Talk with your local hardscaping company like White Oak Land Management to learn more ways to make the hardscaping look as natural as possible on your property.

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