Mulching Makes Lawn Care Easier And Your Grass Will Be Healthier Too

Mulching can help you achieve a healthier and prettier lawn. By turning the grass clippings into mulch, you're fertilizing the lawn as you mow. Mulching also saves you from having to deal with raking up grass clippings. You may already know that mulching is beneficial, but you're not sure how to go about it. Here are some tips for mulching your lawn.

Buy A Mulching Mower

The easiest way to mulch your lawn is to do it automatically every time you mow. If you're in the market for a new mower, just be sure to buy a mulching mower. If you don't need a new mower yet, you may be able to have your current one modified so it will mulch. A mower has a different design when it mulches. The blades chop up the grass into smaller bits and rather than the clippings blowing out the side, they are blown down into the lawn. Every time you mow, you'll be adding nutrients to your lawn and this helps your grass stay healthy.

However, you need to mow your lawn on a regular schedule when you use a mulching mower. If you tend to let your grass get long and shaggy between mowing, then you may do more harm than good with a mulching mower. As long as the grass clippings are small, they won't form a thatch layer or smother your grass. Once the grass is too tall, the clippings will cover the top of your grass rather than sink deep into the lawn.

This can kill your grass or make it susceptible to diseases. If your grass is tall when you mow, you may need to make multiple passes with the mower to ensure all the grass clippings are finely chopped into mulch. Another time you may want to avoid mulching your lawn is when it is full of dandelions or other weeds because mulching them could spread their seeds.

Mulch Fall Leaves Too

Leaves are often used as mulch in gardens and flower beds because they decompose quickly and provide nutrients to the soil. If your lawn is covered in leaves during the fall, you can save yourself the bother of raking them up by running over them with a mulching mower. Be sure the leaves are dry when you do and make multiple passes if the leaves are deep so they are chopped up into small pieces.

Mulching makes your lawn healthier and it makes it easier to care for your lawn since you eliminate the need to rake or bag clippings. If you hire a lawn service, talk to them about mulching your lawn when they mow. If you mow the lawn yourself, you'll find mulching is as easy as mowing the grass as long as you keep in mind the clippings need to be tiny and not in large clumps. If you see clumps, you need to keep mowing the area until they are completely broken apart. Contact a service, like QUALITY CUT LAWN SERVICE, for more help.

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