Bricking It Up: 3 Places To Include Brickwork Outside Your Home

Bricks have been one of the fundamental materials for houses since man learned how to build bricks and then build structures with them back before 7500 BC. A millennia later, bricks are still a popular choice for homes, giving an old-world, rustic sort of vibe to any home that they grace.

So if you're wanting to incorporate this ancient building block of decor into the outside of your home, here are a few places it can work best.

1. Driveway

Asphalt driveways are nice and serviceable, but adding some visual interest to your driveway can tie it into the decor of your home and add curb appeal (thus driving up the value of your home). 

Even just lining the sides of your driveway with an inlaid brick pattern can not only help add visual interest, but also give you a guiding line to match your car up to when you pull in, preventing you from accidentally putting a wheel or two into the lawn rather than on the driveway where cars belong.

2. Facade

No matter if you have siding or stucco, the facade of your home can be brought up to the next level with some careful brickwork. A sort of subtle accent over or on the sides of the garage is a great way to set off the garage without making it look like an entirely different home. If you want your brickwork to be front and center, you might want to try putting it around your front door to mark your entryway.

When dealing with bricks on the facade of your house, it's important to remember to choose a color for your brickwork that works with your already established color scheme. A good rule of thumb is to choose an accent color and do brickwork in that, rather than echoing the main color of the exterior of your home.

3. Garden

Green plants are beautiful and can do much for the landscaping outside of your home, but offsetting all that green with nice, muted red brickwork can help the color of your plants really pop (as green is opposite red on the color wheel, the contrast is great for the human eye).

Create a brick work fountain as a centerpiece, line the edges of your garden with brick hedges, create a brick arch over the entrance to your garden — the choices of how to accent your garden with brickwork are endless, and all will go a long way to improving the look of your exterior landscaping.

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